Building the Future of Health

Douglas L. Wood
Mayo Clinic

Healthy Life Alliance Keynote: De maakbaarheid van gezondheid

Dr. Wood is the Medical Director for the Center for Innovation at Mayo Clinic and is a practicing cardiologist at Mayo Clinic. He has previously served as Vice-Chair, Department of Medicine, and Chair, Division of Health Care Policy and Research at Mayo. Outside Mayo, he served on the Governor’s Health Care Reform Task Force and has been a leader in health reform in Minnesota. Dr. Wood has held important posts in the American College of Cardiology and the American Medical Association and has been an adviser to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in both Republican and Democratic administrations. Dr. Wood was the leader of the Minnesota Medical Association’s Health Care Reform Task Force Quality Planning Group in 2004 and is a Trustee of the Minnesota Medical Association. He has served on the Minnesota Citizens Forum on Health Care Costs and currently serves on advisory committees for medical home payment and provider peer grouping for the Minnesota Department of Health. He has received the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Cardiology, the Burgess Meredith Award from the American Medical Association, the Citation of Merit from the University of Missouri School of Medicine, and the Distinguished Service Award from the Minnesota Medical Association.

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